Security measures taken by LTS for a better control / prevention for COVID-19

Infection prevention measures and good hygiene practices put forward at LTS :

-Each person (employees and drivers) entering in the premises must rub their hands with a disinfectant solution at their disposal in the entrance.

-Frequently washing hands (water and soap washing or the use of a hydro-alcoholic solution).

-Any person having to go inside the kitchen MUST wash his(her) hands and MUST wear a sarreau and a hair net.  

-The necessary components (running water, soap, hydro-alcoholic solution, contactless trash can, paper or jettable towel ect…) are installed just before entering.

-Respect and inforce the social distancing measures (2 meters). 

-After each working shift, clean the frequently touched surfaces (tables, counters, door handles, fittings and toilets).

-The kitchen floor and the packaging floor section must be washed and disinfected each day. 

-Each worker has the obligation to take the necessary measures to protect his(her) health, his(her) security or his(her) physical integrity and must see not to endanger the health, the security or the physical integrity of other workers.    

-Use the usual cleaning and/or disinfectant products.  

-Avoid direct contacts (shaking hands, hugs). 

-Meal times: Make sure the hands are vigorously washed before and after eating. 

- Each driver MUST wear a mask and a vizier when delivering meals inside the schools and he must make sure to keep the social distancing measures (2 meters).