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Le Traiteur Scolaire - School catering service

Operating methods

Le Traiteur scolaire

We are presently in an ecology transition for the futur of your children. We strongly encourage you to use our internet site to order and pay their meals. It is simple, easy, secure and very practicle. As of September 2018, only the orders made by internet will be accepted.

You can also print the menu from our internet site, fill it up and return it to the school along with your payment payable to LTS.

Each day we deliver fresh meals and place them in a reheat oven at the right temperature to assure a warm meal for the children.

Each plate is identified with your child’s name and group on it to avoid any mistake.

For any cancellation or modification, you must contact us by phone at (450) 718-7207 or, toll free, at 1-888-718-7207, 2 working days in advance ( Monday to Friday, 09:00 till 16:00).