Signing up: How to sign up for ordering?

On the welcome page, click 'Subscription' and follow the instructions to register your personal informations. Than, subscribe your child. If you do not have his/her group name, just use 'Unknown/other', we will make the correction later. You can register more children by following the instructions. When all is done, you will receive an email confirming you subscription.


Order: What are the steps to follow?

After subscribing, click on 'Order in line', then click on 'Order for this child' and you will see there are 5 steps to follow:

1) If you have more than one child, choose one at the time as well as the time  period you want to order.

2) Make the daily meal choices you want to order. It is important to note the followings:

a) If you do not specify the format you want, the system will automatically choose the regular format (+ - 300g). If you click 'Main course large format', it will be (+ - 400g).

b) there are 6 main course choices including one vegetarian meal.

c) If you want to order only the 'Main course' WITHOUT  any side dishes, after you have chosen the main course, click 'Main course only'.

d) If you ordered with side dishes, choose your beverage.

When you have finished everything, click on 'Continue'

3) You can modify or confirm your order.

4) You are now done with choices, you can either go to another order, if you wish to order for another child or, proceed to payment.

5) You can pay with the followings: Visa, Mastercard or Visa debit.


Payment: What are my choices?

Use one of those cards when you order online: Visa, Mastercard or Visa debit.


Time for ordering: How much do I have in advance?

As we only deliver fresh meals to your child (No frozen food), we need a 48 hours delay (2 working days). Outside this restriction, you can order anytime you wish.


Modification: How can I modify my order?

For any cancellation or change, you must phone the office at 450-718-7207, toll free 1-888-718-7207 from 09:00 till 16:00 hrs. on weekdays and we will be more than happy to answer you. You cannot proceed by email.


Phone: Can I order by phone?

In exceptional situations, we will accommodate you over the phone. You can call 450-718-7207, toll free 1-888-718-7207 between 09:00 hrs. and 16:00hrs. on week days.


Printing the menu: How can I do it?

On the welcome page, click 'View our menu' and 'Download the menu',, than print.


Included in a full course meal: What is?

A raw vegetable or a salad, bread and butter or a cheese and cracker, the main course, a beverage and a dessert.


Menus approved: Are they by a nutritionist?

Yes, by three nutritionists of three School Boards.


Shared custody; How to proceed?

Each parent subscribes himself (herself) and his/her child. As the system evolves around the child, each parent can see the days where orders have been made so, no duplication.


Last minute meal order, how to proceed?

You can make ON LINE ONLY this last minute main course order for the next day until midnight (depending on our availability in the kitchen). This service will be offering a regular format main course, a dessert and a beverage. To access it, go to 'Order' page 2/5 and click 'Last minute meal order'.


Utensils, Do you supply them?

No. Carring about the environment and at the request of many parents, Schools and School Boards, we stop the distribution of plastic utensils.


Alergies: Do you make any control?

Even if the food does not contain any peanut, nor nut, and is prepared in a peanut and nut free environment, and that we do everything possible to choose suppliers operating in the same conditions, we cannot guaranty the absence of any traces of allergenic food what so ever. Same for the list of ingredients which you have access on our site is not exhaustive and we accept no responsibility what so ever concerning a physical reaction or other, following the ingestion of the food we delivered to your child. THE RESPONSIBILITY BELONGS ENTIRELY TO THE PARENTS OF A CHILD THAT HAS ONE OR MANY FOOD ALLERGIES, KNOWN OR NOT.


Cancellation: How do I proceed?

For any cancellation, you must call the office at 450-718-7207, toll free 1-888-718-7207 from 09:00 till 16:00 hrs. on weekdays.

  • A 2 working day delay (from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 to 16:00) is required for any change or cancellation.

    If we experience a supply problem, LTS could modify the menus without pre-notice.

  • No credit will be allowed for an absence when the meal has been delivered to the school.
  • If the school cannot distribute the meals for any major reasons such as: fire, essential interruption what so ever, strike, storm or any uncontrollable reason what so ever, a credit will be granted until the distribution start again its normal course. These credits will be applied on the next month order.
  • When the school planned an exterior activity, it is the responsibility of the parents to cancel or postpone the meal.



Confirmation: What sort of confirmation do I receive?

You will receive two confirmations:

1) From our Banking institution for the transaction made on your card.

2) From us, with the details of your order.


Copy of the ordered menu: How to do it?

To print the calendar menu ordered for your child, you have to:

1. Be connected to 'My account'.

2. On your child's card under 'Orders', click on the month you want to copy.

3. A page will appear with the calendar menu ordered for that month            (including the orders made by parents on shared custody associated to      this child).

4. Than, on top of the calendar, click on 'Print the order'. A PDF version         will than be downloaded.