Health and wellness


Caring about the fact you wish your children benefit of a healthy nutrition, LTS is concocting their meals with Quebec products, as much as possible, and of first grade quality.

The LTS varied menus offer a choice of three meals, including one vegetarian, changing every day on top of three other meals, children’s favorites, that are available every day.

All the prices for meals WITH side dishes include:

-        A raw vegetable and/or a salad.

-        Bread and butter or, crackers and cheese, depending of the meal.

-        The main dish is available in two size (+ - 300g. or + - 400g).

-        A breuvage, available in three choices (Milk 2% or 100% fruit juice           and water).

-        A different dessert every day.

-        Biodegradable trays, recyclable bowls and cups

LTS meals are made in a PEANUT and NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT